In the last decade or so, website design prices have steadily crept upward. Looking at newer sites, it’s easy to see that they’re much more user-friendly and sophisticated than they were ten years ago. A web designer’s expertise in graphic design is more important than ever — better visual skills command higher rates. Other important considerations contribute to the rise of web design prices, too. Here are some specific factors.


Build it, and they may or may not come! As a business owner, it’s imperative to have a website — but you need more than an online presence to be visible in today’s crowded market. Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is not an option — it’s vital. The work involved in optimizing SEO takes time, ongoing adjustments, and careful monitoring. That translates into higher payments to your web design firm; not only to establish a strong initial framework for SEO but also to change course as needed.

Responsive Design

The use of mobile phones to view websites has drastically increased in the last ten years. Good responsive design means that a website will be easy to interact with no matter what the device. A mobile user shouldn’t have to depend on a mouse to operate the site with ease. Making a website completely responsive requires expertise and effort — it’s much more than simply scaling down design proportions and important to consider when allocating funds.


Wise integration of both plug-ins and apps is crucial when developing a website. Now, security and fast loading times directly affect SEO — and, while plug-ins are potentially great for appearance and functionality, they’re also vulnerable to security breaches — and may slow down sites considerably. A web developer needs to be well-informed about the most effective apps to integrate into websites and know how to use them. This takes research and acumen — which well-compensated design firms provide.


What your customers need from your business is what should drive the functionality of your website. That’s ever-changing — and thankfully, insights into your customers’ needs are built right into helpful tools like Google Analytics. It’s now possible to track website visitors’ behavior click by click, page by page. The days of putting up a website and leaving it unchanged are long over. Frequent modifications and redesigns of company websites are now an integral part of strong business plans; they’re not an afterthought.

Excellent web design skills are now a result of continuous attention to complex factors — therefore, higher price points!