It’s very important to measure the effectiveness of any content marketing campaign, otherwise, you won’t know whether or not your campaign is achieving the kind of return that you hoped for, and you won’t know whether your campaign needs tweaking to be more effective. But how do you go about measuring the effectiveness of any content marketing campaign? Below, we’ll discuss some options that will help you to zero in on how well your campaign is doing, so you’ll be better informed about how to follow up on that campaign.

Step One – Identify Monthly Revenue from All Content Assets

In order to have a starting point for determining the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign, you’ll need to know exactly how much revenue has been brought in on a monthly basis from each of your content assets, e.g. blogs, webinars, ebooks, infographics, etc. Then you’ll need to break that figure down into how many assets you had in play last month, and how much revenue each one added to the total figure. It’s important to know how many assets generated the revenue in each content category, because a high number of blogs, for instance, may have contributed to a very high revenue figure, when compared to other content types that had fewer individual pieces in play.

Step Two – Calculate Revenue Per Content Asset

Next, you’ll need to calculate the revenue generated by just one content asset in each category. This will give you a better idea of just how much revenue is being generated by one asset in each of the content categories. This might tell you for instance, that even though more revenue was generated by monthly blogs in total, the two webinars you conducted last month were each more productive than any single blog was. 

Step Three – Emphasize the Most Productive Content Assets

After having performed the calculations and figured out which content assets performed the best during the previous month, you are now in a position to emphasize those assets in your next content marketing campaign. When you do that, you should again perform this entire exercise to see if those particular content assets continue to be the most productive. The nature of marketing being what it is, it’s entirely possible that some other asset has become your most popular, and you may want to tweak your next campaign accordingly.