Web design inspiration is not in great evidence around the Internet, with many of the websites being based on templates and lacking real individuality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because all those website owners are not really seeking to dazzle their audiences with something totally creative, they’re simply trying to provide value and enough appeal that visitors will want to stay and find out more. That’s why when you come across a website that has a real web design inspiration, it stands out from the crowd and becomes instantly memorable. Here are just a few examples of those truly innovative websites, and what makes them so special.

Sounds of the Universe 

The thing that makes this site so memorable is the fact that it has completely captured the experience of browsing through a physical record store on its website. You can get plenty of information about all the artists being represented, and you can listen to snippets of their music. You can flip through all the early and later releases of a performer, and when any album artwork appeals to you, you’ll have the option of zooming in for a closer look. The site also has great representation for those artists who might be considered obscure, or who otherwise don’t get much attention.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 

While most museums will include images of the art housed within their walls, this one has video clips of people admiring and interpreting many of the exhibits. Each of these videos is shot from a perspective which makes the viewer feel like you’re right there in the room, staring at whatever piece is being featured. Site navigation is intuitive, all fonts are very tasteful and appropriate, and the composition of web pages makes this a superb example of web design inspiration.

Bike Time Bali Road Camp 

Visiting this website is an immersive experience that allows you to actually feel like you’re going through much of the terrain bikers will ride through at this camp. The web design includes a huge number of photographs, which all tend to pull the viewer in and urge you to join the camp. The varying font sizes throughout the site are intentionally overstated and well situated, giving the impression of riding through hills and valleys as you’re pedaling.