In this modern digital era, content marketing is a vital aspect of a company’s overall marketing campaign. However, the creation of content can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly for small businesses that have limited personnel. One strategy that can not only help you with content creation but also allow you to more effectively focus your marketing efforts is the use of personas. Here are some of the benefits of using personas to write more persuasive content.

What Personas Are

Personas are fictional summaries of the types of potential customers who are most likely to use your products and services. You might create numerous personas based on various aspects of your target audience such as job title, industry, personal and professional goals, interests, preferences, pain points, and what social media networks they are likely to frequent. Data sources you can access to come up with the information you need to create personas include social media platforms, government research on industries and employment, and analytics data from your company’s digital marketing efforts.

How Personas Assist You in Content Creation

When you focus on personas, you can more easily create persuasive content based upon the motivations of your target audience. You’ll be able to discern obstacles that prevent potential customers from purchasing your products and services, and you can use specific content to address these concerns. For instance, if a particular persona perceives your products or services as too expensive, you can reassure them that the value of what they are obtaining is worth the cost.

Filling an Editorial Calendar by Referring to Personas

Referring to the personas you have created can help you schedule content on your editorial calendar. Your content creation team should target each persona with a predetermined amount of content each month. Focus your content on engaging the various personas with your brand and moving them further down the sales funnel to ultimate conversion.