The Steps to Take to Increase Traffic on Your Website or Blog by 200%

There are a lot of search engine optimization strategies that promise to increase your traffic, but when you look closely many of them only result in short-term bumps that resolve back to the original traffic volume. There’s only one way to see sustainable growth, and that’s by making long-term plans for your site’s success. Content marketing takes time, but if you put the work in, you’ll find that over the course of a year or so, you can increase your traffic by 200 percent or more. Year over year, that adds up very quickly.

When you approach SEO, it’s important to remember to keep your content organized. Repetitive articles on the same topic will fail to get repeat traffic and shares from subscribers, so it won’t keep an existing audience, it will only capture new people. Worse, repetitive content competes with your own articles. The key to avoiding that repetition and making the most out of your search engine optimization? A clear, usable content calendar.

Organizing your blog content in a place where you can see exactly which topics are covered when means being able to avoid repetition over the short-term. It also gives you the opportunity to expand on interesting conversations by planning follow-ups and multi-part posts that go deeper, providing new information that keeps your audience coming back for every new article. It also lets you know when it might be time to resurrect historical content, which can be a great way to revive older pages.

Using historical content gives you a chance to revive old information and to link to the original page without being repetitive. You can use the opportunity to re-examine what was written before and add to it, and by linking to your old content, you drive new traffic to it. If you time your historic content revivals well, even people who read the content the first time out will want to read it again.

The last thing to remember is that your search engine optimization doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Website design and functionality is important. Often, your traffic increases owe as much to design and security updates as to the content. Traffic can also be heavily influenced by other marketing strategies like social media growth and traditional advertising. Make sure you’re considering how your SEO and content marketing work with your other marketing strategies. Only then will you get the most growth out of your content marketing.