Don’t let website performance impede visitors that want to shop and buy your products. Nearly 90% of online shoppers report that they don’t wait for slow sites to load; there are too many other buying options in today’s world. It is estimated that 40% of those that left a slow or non-intuitive site ended up buying from retail mogul Amazon. Speed, or rather a lack of, is the reason why around 25% of shoppers do not return to a site.

Website performance is critical for online retail shoppers; here’s what you need to do:

Respect Your Consumer’s Time

Respect your consumers’ time and don’t try their patience with a slow or non-intuitive website. Over half of shoppers surveyed report that their biggest frustration with slow retail websites is the fact that their free time is being wasted.  

Prevent Pop-Ups

Pop-ups interfere with website performance. They also impact your customers’ experience when navigating your site.

Make Sure It Loads

Troubleshoot constantly to determine if your site is loading quickly- or at all. If your site doesn’t load swiftly, shoppers may lose interest or buy from a competitor. Over time, this is disastrous for a business or brand.  

Go Mobile and More

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your buyers’ experience; take your website’s performance seriously, for the sake of your consumer audience. Mobile applications are the way to go, so focus on making your site mobile-first so that it is convenient for customers to buy from you.

Offer incentives and promotions but not at the risk of your site’s performance. Too much traffic too quickly may shut things down- and irritate prospective buyers. Pay attention to the feedback provided by your buyers and don’t overlook poor site functions. It could cost you, valuable customers.

Don’t let poor performance push your prospective customers elsewhere. Make modifications to streamline and speed up your retail site; show respect for your patrons’ time and patience by maintaining the function of your website. There are simply too many rivals to risk poor website performance in today’s technological marketplace.