The Benefits of Paid Advertising Online and What Platforms to Use

Maximizing the effectiveness of your online marketing is a matter of understanding how all the different strategies for driving traffic to your site work. That means knowing how to maintain effective content marketing and SEO while using social media and paid advertising to drive traffic your way. How do you know which platforms to use, though? Choosing the right place for your ads can make or break your company’s online marketing.

The first place many people think about when they think about internet advertising is paid search results. Paying for premium search results can be a great way to jump-start your SEO because it puts you at the top of the page for keyword searches in areas you’re trying to optimize. It’s not necessarily the best way to drive traffic to blogs, though, because it would require a new ad campaign for every blog entry. If you are looking to drive leads to your business, it’s a great way to position your landing pages, and you should consider that as you plan your ad buys.

For blogs and other content like videos and graphics, social media is the key to growth. Paid advertising on the right social media platforms will target the audience most likely to respond to your ads. How? Quite easily. Most social media platforms allow you to identify demographics like location, interests, which accounts people follow, age, and other factors. Defining specific criteria for your social media advertising will let you bring key posts to the attention of the people most likely to act on them. Used effectively, this technique increases post engagement more than just about any other.

If you’re trying to decide which social media platforms to advertise with, it’s helpful to identify which ones have given you the best organic traction. By reinvesting in those platforms, you can put your paid advertising dollars to work in the locations where your audience is most active. Costs vary a lot from platform to platform, but the best return on your investment will come from the platform where you gain the most engagement, not the one where your ads are cheapest.

If the two happen to align, that’s great, but otherwise you should consider how effective your ads are by their engagement metrics and other social media metrics, not by their cost. That’s the only way to optimize your advertising and social media marketing strategies so you get the most out of every part of your online marketing plan.