The 10 Basic Steps to Effective Social Media Marketing

 The internet and your online presence are a big part of marketing. Not only will the quality of your website and online shop affect your profits, your social media marketing campaign will too. With a few basic steps, you will be able to turn social media in to the best way to market your brand.

Choose the best platform and stick with it. This means looking into your customer base and determining what they like. Once you choose the right site, stay put and expand your presence on one platform before branching out.

Set attainable and realistic goals. For instance, if you decide that you must make multiple posts a day and gain thousands of followers in a week, then you are likely to get discouraged and give up.

Fine-tune your brand voice. Some brands are quirky and fun, some are educational and dry, and some are all these things. Finding the voice that works for your brand and audience can really help draw in customers.

You have probably seen or heard of brands making poor use of visuals or hashtags and getting ripped apart for it. This means that you want your visuals to relate to the voice of your brand, be sensitive to cultural issues and properly credit the original artist.

Decide on the right posting schedule for your social media marketing program. For most companies, posting quality content will go further than spamming your audience with poor content.

Use social media to spy on your competition. You can see products, services and even sales by following your competition on multiple platforms.

Do not keep your followers trapped on-platform. This means offer incentives for them to visit your website such as sales, extended blog posts and much more.

Find a balance between human and promotional posts. Not every post you make must be selling something to market your company. Sometimes just showing a picture of your office decorations do the trick, it is all about balance.

Engage with your audience. Your followers want to be talked to like real people, they want their concerns answered and they want to feel part of the company culture.

Always be learning new ways of using social media platforms in the ways that they are meant to be. If you just post pictures and captions without hashtags, for instance, then you will not be engaging a broad enough audience.

Social media marketing can be the best way to expand your audience, many times for free. You can engage with your customers to determine the things they want to purchase and can even spy on the competition.