Thanks to the steady march of technology, businesses no longer need to send generic emails “to whom it may concern.” These days, big data helps us know who we’re talking to, and pull together lots of detail about them. Customers need no longer be bored by irrelevant, generic emails. Personalization makes every one of your email communications more valuable and effective. Here’s how.

Defining Web Personalization

Personalization lets the visitor know they’re recognized, and makes them feel that they’re in the right place. Details of the personalized page remind them of your mutual relationship. The page content shows the visitor, prospect, or customer what they were doing the last visit, so they can pick up where there left off—and grow their relationship with your brand.

You’ve probably signed on to a retailer’s website and were served a page that says “Hi” using your name—and shows you products that you browsed last time you visited the site. It may also show your recent purchases, and suggested items you might be interested in purchasing. Personalization is simply content customization, which builds a trusted brand, and makes the visitor or email recipient feel welcome.

Personalization Advantages for Your Brand and Business

When you personalize your emails, ads, landing pages and more, you’ll see some great results like: 

  • Better conversion from personalized calls to action (CTAs).
  • Increased conversion rates from tailored landing pages.
  • Improved sale rates from relevant product recommendations.
  • Greater brand loyalty. (Seeing your valuable, familiar email in the inbox every week becomes a welcome sight to loyal customers.)
  • Additional customer insight, due to the close customer relationship that personalization provides.
  • Fewer follow-up emails typically needed.
  • A quicker sales process, with fewer sales time-and-effort needed to nurture toward sale/conversion.
  • More time on site. Customers who feel personally welcomed are likely to stay and check out more of your content. This is similar to frequent a coffee shop more often, if you’re greeted by name, and served your usual drink immediately.
  • Improved overall brand and business growth.

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