SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial to ensure that relevant searchers find you online. Here’s the latest on how to “pull-in” your ideal audience through organic search, with properly optimized blog posts for SEO:

  • Include long-tail keywords that match the search goal (intent) of your search-engine-using prospects. Don’t throw in every possible keyword, but keep your post focused on a narrow topic with just 1 or 2 keyword phrases.
  • Place the keywords in the right spots. Use them in your page title tag, page URL, meta-description, header(s), and the body text of your post.
  • Use responsive web design, so your site looks good, and reads well, on any size device. Don’t use a separate URL for your mobile website, because this might split your page traffic numbers.
  • Make the most of the meta-description, using the entire field of 300 characters. Google will often use this as the secondary text in your search result, where it helps searchers choose the best search result to click on.
  • Use image alt text. When you add an image to your page, you have an opportunity to name it something relevant and/or descriptive. It may help your search position slightly, provide context for the reader, and enhance accessibility for visually impaired people.
  • Add internal links: Internal links help identify the most important, authoritative content on your website. Links also lead readers to other posts/pages they might enjoy, which expand on (or provide more explanation of) the current topic.
  • Keep topic tags unique. These tags create a new page that gathers together related content with the same tag. Pick the main topics your website covers for your topic tags, but don’t use overly similar tags. Similar tags can create pages that look like duplicate content, which search engines frown on.)
  • Use an organized, logical URL structure. Set up your pages something like this: This helps users and search engines alike understand “where they are” within your website. 

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