Content marketing is one of the most popular recent trends in digital promotions. It is the creation of interesting articles, blog posts, e-books and other types of collateral to help draw in an audience. When you create these articles, your goal should be to make something that is intrinsically valuable to the reader. That is why intent-based marketing is so important. Here’s how you can harness the power of intent.

What Does Intent Mean?

When you are creating an article for your website or social media, your initial goal is to get readers to check it out. After that, you will try to transfer the audience to your brand and/or products.

However, to get to the first step (and be more successful with the second step), you need to understand your audience’s intent. This is the goal that they have when they search for and find your article.

For example, let’s say that you sell camping products and have written an article that is a checklist of items someone needs to bring when camping. People who find it are likely searching with the intent of preparing for their first camping trips. Understanding this can help guide your marketing strategy to better engage your audience.

Most intents are either looking for a specific website, trying to buy something or trying to learn something. Your strategy should accommodate all these separately, especially the latter two. Returning to the camping equipment, someone trying to learn about camping has a different intent from someone looking for the best tent. You should cater to both of these intents with different articles.

How To Create Intent-Based Marketing Collateral

Think about the reasons that someone may find your website. You can potentially do some research on this. Google will provide you with data on searches that included your website in the results. You can also look at what pages people landed on first.

Try to break down the visitors into groups based on intent. Then, figure out some of the things they may have been looking for. You can also identify intent gaps that are currently underserved. For example, you may be doing a poor job of attracting advanced campers. This insight will guide you as you create more intent-based articles.

Learn More

Discover more about how intent can guide your content marketing. Understanding your audience is the key to being an effective marketer. Fortunately, many of your customers are likely willing to share their thinking with you. Consider sending out a short survey to your current customers to learn more.