The key to growing your business in today’s market is engagement. The following tactics will help you to draw people in, nurture relationships toward a sale and keep the customer long-term:

  • Make your website a great place to visit: Provide a clean layout, with well-organized navigation and targeted problem-solving content. Include contact options on all pages, to avoid frustrating customers trying to reach you. Encourage them to make contact, with an enticing discount or free consultation offer.
  • Perfect the seamless customer experience: Make sure customers can contact you in their preferred manner, at any given moment, from phone or laptop. Whether they choose to use on Facebook, email, your website contact form, Twitter or LinkedIn (if applicable), make sure your company has a presence on social media that your customer demographic uses.
  • Always be available: Those who return calls, email messages and website contacts quickly typically get the business. Promptly respond to questions/comments on social media pages, too. You can use automation for some responses so that you’re always timely. Examples include online appointments, purchases, payments, email newsletter subscriptions, and more.
  • Coordinate multiple marketing channels: Augment your website content and marketing campaigns with social media and email, so that you are contacting/engaging the customer regularly–in a number of different, coordinated ways. All communications should carry consistent brand image and voice, and reinforce the current campaign, through multiple touchpoints.
  • Personalize and welcome: Use CRM information and social media analytics to make your responses and messages ultra-relevant and specific. If a customer visits your website for the first time and signs up on your email list, they shouldn’t get a generic confirmation. Welcome them and show that you know they’re new.
  • Create new touchpoints: Repeat customers should be recognized when they re-visit your website. Include their name and/or language making clear you realize they’ve previously visited or bought from you. Referencing the past you share makes customers feel valued and comfortable. Use birthdays (or holidays) as an opportunity to reach out and offer discounts. On purchase anniversaries, message to inquire how the product is working for them.

Let these tips inspire you to build closer relationships with your customer base! For more specific marketing advice, contact Krupnik Digital Media to discuss your business marketing needs.