Companies today know that they need to have a social media marketing plan if they want to succeed. They can no longer ignore social media sites but planning one of these campaigns and making sure it is successful is difficult. Posting to the social networks to which your company belongs randomly and sporadically will simply not do. Approaching the online space in a haphazard manner will not breed success.

Instead, it becomes important to put together a plan that will help you to keep track of your social media accounts and posting. First, though, you will need to audit the accounts to know where you are standing right now. Check all of your social media accounts to determine who well they have been optimized and what you might need to do to improve them.

Make sure that the information on the networks is filled out appropriately and fully. See what types of posts tend to do the best on your social media sites and focus on replicating that type of success. Optimize the images and the videos that you use, as well.

During the audit, you can also get a better idea of which platforms are working best for you. You may find that some platforms might not be worth your time. You might also find that some of the platforms could work for you, as long as you make some changes into how you use it. The audit can help to reveal these issues.

Take note of where things can be changed and improved, and then take action on them. Implement the changes, let them go to work for you, and then do another audit in a month or two. Continue with this process regularly, so you can continue to refine your social media marketing.