Research into the subject has shown that most Americans spend an average of nearly three hours a day using their mobile devices, and 90% of those three hours are consumed by using apps. This should point out the importance of maintaining a good app for your business, and doing everything possible to get your app in the hands of those people most likely is to use it. That being so, here are some tips which you should consider using for your initial mobile app marketing campaign.

Develop a Truly Useful App

Make sure that any app you develop fulfills a legitimate need that your target audience has and that you’re not just developing it because everyone else has an app. It’s also very important that your app is free of bugs and glitches, because if you start app marketing and distributing a product that doesn’t work right, your company may end up getting a black eye rather than increased revenues.

Develop a Detailed Strategy

As with any other app marketing campaign, your efforts should always be accompanied by specific and measurable goals, which are time-limited. You should have a plan for how you’re going to achieve these goals, as well as a time frame for achieving them. Have an idea about how much your app is going to cost and about any additional content you create for your app. You should also line up a talented team for designing and developing your app, as well as marketing it once it’s fully functional. Finally, have someone in mind for the overall responsibility of the entire project.

Ensure Your App Store Listing Is Optimized

You’ll need to optimize your mobile app so as to help it rank higher in app stores because the higher your app shows up for any given search terms, the greater the visibility it will have. That makes it much more likely that it will be downloaded by a number of people and hopefully will come to rest in the hands of your target audience. When you have an understanding of the keywords which are being used by your target audience, make sure to include them in the title of your app and in the description as well, so you have a better chance of appearing high up on the listing of downloadable apps.