Since nearly one-third of American homeowners are beginning to replace time spent watching television with interactions involving their Siri or Alexa personal assistants, it’s becoming much more important how companies design their voice brand. The interesting thing about this is that it represents something of a return to the golden age of radio, where audio marketing really began, and some of the same considerations were necessary. This time around though, the voice from your personal assistant is not a human one, although those voices are quickly becoming almost undetectable as machine speech. In any case, many companies are now scrambling to compose the perfect voice to represent themselves, to a public which seeks more and more time with such speakers.

Voice considerations 

In addition to what you want your company representative voice to sound like, you’ll have to consider just how interactive you want your voice to be with consumers. This is probably the second biggest issue in audio marketing today, especially since technology is providing ever more capabilities regarding interactions. Google, for instance, has developed a voice assistant which has the demonstrated ability to call a hair salon and make an appointment, while negotiating for the desired opening on a specific day and time. There is even now a great deal of research going on in this precise area, and it is likely that some truly astonishing developments will be forthcoming.

Company representative 

Voice is quickly becoming a very important interface between your company’s brand and consumers. It is already providing a means of strengthening ties and building loyalty with customers, as well as establishing relationships with specific products or services. More than 65% of people who currently own smart speakers say that they would not want to go back to life without their devices, so it appears that voice technology and audio marketing is here to stay. That makes this the perfect time for businesses to invest in developing a voice brand that can bring customers and potential customers closer to them, now and in the future.