If your marketing strategy is falling flat and not bringing the kind of viral attention you’re looking for, you need to boost your brand identity. Your branding is the difference between an average company and one that is memorable, unique and engages with your customers on a personal level. Discover how you can achieve these benefits by cultivating your company identity today.

Your brand should be a story. Crafting a dynamic narrative can help customers quickly recognize and communicate with your company. While you may feel like your brand is completely original, there are many common stories that most brands share. Whether you’re conveying an underdog message or looking for more broad appeal, it’s critical that you communicate this message effectively and explain why your underdog business is different and better than the competition.

All great brand identities share a few things in common: expert insight, emotional appeals, and dynamic re-invention. Customers want a company that is an industry leader. The biggest takeaway from your marketing campaign should be that you’re competent and knowledgeable in your field. Without this, your entire company could appear untrustworthy and unqualified to provide products or services.

Next, an emotional storyline can create interest and make your branding recognizable and memorable. You need an emotional connection with your customers. Whether you’re going for witty humor, making a difference in your community or any other emotional appeal, don’t leave out this key element of your brand identity.

Finally, don’t assume the same marketing campaign that worked today will work next year or beyond. Crafting an engaging and successful marketing campaign requires constant innovation. Always check back with your team, your customers and your bottom line. Does your brand track well? Are customers responding favorably to your message? Is there anything you could do better to bring in a larger, more loyal following? These are key questions that should be asked routinely in order to continue to improve your brand.

A powerful marketing campaign can easily pay for itself. With the right brand identity, you’ll see an exponential increase in your reach. Whether your target is increasing traffic to your website, increasing subscription rates or selling more products, crafting the perfect identity for your brand is an organic goal. Keep track of tactics and messages that have worked in the past, and think of ways you can recreate those messages for a modern audience while still remaining true to your original brand theme and goals.