Lead generation to your website is a very important part of many digital marketing campaigns, but that alone will not convert your increased traffic into increased sales. While it’s highly desirable to generate that greater level of traffic, once visitors get to your website, you need a killer way of converting them into sales, or at least into strong leads.

Here are some creative ways that you can generate more solid leads from the web traffic visiting your site.

Optimize your website to generate leads

Study after study has shown that visitors will leave your website within 10 or 20 seconds unless they discover something of value to them on your site. That means you have to quickly get their attention with something that can be very useful to them, or which can solve a problem they have. Assuming that most visitors to your site are part of your targeted audience, make it very clear immediately how your product or service will make their life easier.

Use free giveaways

You can immediately establish a situation of trust with visitors to your site by offering them free giveaways which are useful to them in some way. This can be by providing them access to a resource library they might need, by offering them a free sample of one of your products, by allowing them to download a white paper or a free e-book, or you might even offer a drastically discounted price on a prime product. This is one of the fastest ways of appealing to a new lead or client, and predisposing them to think favorably of your company.

Include extra value in your offers

You can increase the apparent value of any offer you make to a lead by including an element of scarcity into those offers. For instance, you can promote a special offer as a one-time event which might never be repeated again. You could also set up an offer that expires after a specific date, after which it will only be made available at regular prices. By limiting the availability of a special price or of a product itself, you can increase the perceived value of that product, and make it more critical that leads take advantage of your generous offer.

Provide webinars in your niche

Webinars have proven to be one of the top four methods for generating high quality leads for marketers. That means it’s very much to your advantage to share your expertise on specific topics or to invite a guest speaker to appear on your webinar. These topics should be of tremendous interest to your followers, including information of value about your particular niche or your industry. If you can generate interest through these webinars, you can count on a number of leads to start pouring in.