Modern customers read customer reviews before shopping with a business. Many people hesitate to use a business if there are no online reviews. Customers want to see reviews before they trust a company. You need to get reviews from your customers. That’s often easier said, but with a little effort on your part, you can get those reviews that will build customer trust. Here are five ideas to get your customers to leave a review.

Give Customers a Place to Review Your Business

Create a Facebook Page where customers can leave online reviews. Make sure your Google My Business listing is up to date and can collect reviews. Some people will leave reviews without being asked, but you’ll probably need to be proactive.

Ask for Reviews

Send out an email asking customers to leave a review. Offer a motivation, such as a discount on a future purchase or free sample. Catch your customers when they are most motivated. Remind customers when they get your product or send an email one to two weeks after they’ve had the product.

Respond to Your Online Reviews

Once you start getting reviews, you need to respond. It’s really important to follow up with negative reviews to see if you can make things right. But you also need to respond to positive reviews. A simple thanks goes a long way towards building your reputation.

Share Positive Reviews

Use your online reviews to drive customers to your business. Potential customers are looking for businesses that stand out. Don’t work to get good reviews and then just let them sit. Use them as part of your online marketing strategy.

Find Solutions for Negative Reviews

Customers who are unhappy are more likely to leave a negative review. One negative review can turn many customers away. Ask customers who leave negative reviews about how you can fix the problem. You build trust with a customer and let potential customers know that you can be trusted to make it right.