If you plan on spending money to advertise your company or business, a display ad is a prudent and practical way to go. However, if you want to see optimal performance from your ad, there are some things that small businesses and brands should know.

Seven ways that you can improve your display ads are:

Check your Links

Make sure your links are accurate, relevant, and working! There are little things as frustrating as clicking a link only to go somewhere completely unrelated to the product or site you were visiting. This all contributes to your user and customer experience with your brand.

Don’t be Contrived

Don’t be cliché or contrived by telling prospective patrons to hurry and act, typically attempting to prompt visitors to buy right now. Be transparent about your target audience and don’t focus on customers that may not need what you are selling right now.

Brand your Product

Don’t miss opportunities to brand yourself and foster familiarity among your consumer audience. If you have corporate affiliations, refer to their corporate branding guide for further information. Try to establish brand awareness with your display ad.

Make Sure Images are Quality

Take or pay for high-quality images to use in your display ads, as well as in all your marketing campaigns. This can also form the first impression your customers have of your company.

Implement Rich Media

Traditional display ads are considered static; video is considered rich media- which helps engage potential consumers with your brand. Interact with your audience through clips, audio, and video.

Test your Market

Make sure that you are implementing ways to measure the success of your display ads, such as a coupon or targeted email campaign. Test the waters as well as the demand for what you are selling. This will determine whether you should make modifications or further expand your brand.

Get Personal

Adding a personal, customized note to an email, promotion, or social media post can help you stand out from rivals, and further build familiarity with your potential customers.  

Gain valuable insight and an edge over your brand rivals with sound advice from an advertising or marketing professional. Use these tips to ensure your display ad doesn’t get lost in the shuffle- and that it contributes to growth and revenues for your business.