In the PPC world, you learn through regular testing of what works and what doesn’t. You can test anything from your CTAs to ad copy to placements to keywords.

Check out these six often-overlooked optimizations that can boost your PPC conversion rate.

Run a Branded Campaign

Branded campaigns are vital in competitive markets. First, you should look at your Search Terms Report and look for trends in your branded name. Then, create a branded campaign that targets your keywords, including your main service or product. This should increase your visibility, CTR, and conversion rate.

Test Out Your Branded Ad Copy: H1 and H2

Put your brand in the H1 where readers can see it first. You will notice a much higher conversion rate putting it in the H1 than the H2. When you test H1s vs. H2s, you see how much of an impact your branded keyword has.

Leverage Your Search Impression Share

This is a simple way to boost your average conversion rate, showing you the impression percentage your campaign is getting, compared with how many impressions it could possibly receive. Increase your impression share so your ads are showing up more often.

Optimize Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing page CRO is a big part of PPC. How successful you are with this test will vary by company. You won’t know till you actually try it. If you have two buttons on the landing page, this may confuse people, i.e., a video play button and a legit CTA button. You may want to add more social proof and reduce the size of extraneous buttons so they don’t distract from the true call to action button.

Target Your In-Market Audiences

These segmented audiences are those that have previously expressed interest in, have researched, or have looked into buying a particular service or product. These make excellent additions to your account, as they give you a granular view of a typical visitor’s behavior. With this information, you can look at which ones are converting higher for your type of business, plus you are better able to advertise to the right people at the right time.

It’s best to set those target audiences to observe until you have gathered valuable data. If you find they have performed well with a large number of impressions, you could set a bid adjustment or create a brand new campaign customized to a specific audience.

Add Negative Search Terms

If you have ever experienced feedback from a client who wasn’t very happy with the lead quality of their campaign, you may want to try adding negative search terms. Instead of hitting the pause button the campaign, identify which keywords pull in conversions and what the intent is behind the converting users. Start at the keyword level and identify keywords with conversions. Then, delve into their search terms. Your highest performing keyword should be found on the landing page many times.

Increasing your PPC conversion rate isn’t easy but with a little guidance, it’s more than possible!