Having a digital presence is necessary for any business—but it is very important to make sure that web design for digital presence is a good one. This post provides some best practices to help with web design.

Focus on the Landing Page

The purpose of a landing page is to get visitors to act—that is, to make a purchase or provide their contact information to the company. Landing pages should be direct and simple. Focus on what you want landing-page visitors to do. Delete any clutter from the page that does not lead to that goal.

Focus on the User Experience

A slow, cluttered web page will quickly frustrate users and make them leave. The user experience needs to be a positive one. That means making the page easy to navigate, fast to load, and highly usable on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Make Calls to Action Easy to Obey

Any page that involves a call to action (CTA) should make that call easy to heed. Reduce clutter around the button or link. Additionally, Forbes.com recommends these call-to-action strategies:

  • Generate excitement and engagement by using phrases like “talk to us” and “take me there!” 
  • Encourage users to try your company out. 
  • Focus on relaxed, friendly vocabulary. 
  • Offer enticements like free trial periods.  

Employ Social Media

Your company’s website and its social media presence should work hand in hand. Users should have an easy time moving between social media and the company’s website. There should also be continuity between the different entities: Users may get confused if a social media account says one thing and the website says another, or if they have glaring visual dissimilarities.

Hire a Pro 

If web design is not your forte, do not worry: You can always go to a professional to help.

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