According to a survey by Episerver, 92% of first-time visitors to an e-commerce platform do not make purchases. As alarming as it may look, you should not be deterred from investing in e-commerce. Instead, retailers should focus on remarketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

The article unpacks the top five remarketing strategies.

Timing is of the Essence

Typically, online retailers tend to overlook time constraints when undertaking a remarketing campaign. However, one should set a timeframe to lookback window. For instance, the marketer can set a shorter lookback window for perishable products.

Categorization of Audiences Based on User Behavior

Illustrious online marketers must desist from the generalization of audiences and focus on coming up with audiences list. For example, one can group audiences based on a website or page visited at a go. Other remarketing strategies include ad copy messaging and bid strategy.

Focus on Bid Strategy

As one embarks on the remarketing campaign, it is practical to fit oneself in the shoes of online consumers. Online marketers will realize how annoying it is to receive endless ad campaigns. Instead, one should adjust campaigns to reflect consumer behavior.

The process entails analyzing consumer data and implementing effective bid strategies. Through optimization, investors get to enjoy the return on investment and increase conversion rates. Consequently, there is a need to assess the target and bid strategy from time to time.

Data-Driven Landing Pages and Conversion Rate Optimization

Some online consumers abandon the first landing page while others leave drop out along the way. Therefore, retailers have to collect the data and use it for a remarketing campaign. It entails sending brand campaigns to trigger users to purchase products.

Target Messaging

Keyword-rich content messaging is also crucial for a remarketing campaign. For Ad copy, one should try out countdown messaging when conducting product promotions. Then, the retailer can proceed to the rest of the audience list to achieve the desired results.

For the unwavering remarketing campaigns, online marketers must use data on audience behavior to their advantage. Consequently, one has to evaluate the strategies often to enjoy the return on investment. Learn more here.