There’s no question that video marketing is one of the very most effective means of reaching your target audience, especially via social media, where statistics tell us that 45% of all Facebook and YouTube users watch at least one hour of video every week. That being the case, all marketers should be making use of various video production tools to create the videos which will reach out to potential customers, and engage with audiences as a precursor to developing leads or making sales. Here are three of the best video marketing software programs on the market today.


Shakr is a video marketing tool is preferred by Facebook marketers, and it provides more than 2,000 video designs that were prepared by skilled professionals and comes with a drag-and-drop editor which allows you to produce professional-quality videos very quickly. A variety of formats can be generated with this tool, which comes equipped with a huge number of video clips, stock images, and music tracks which can add a touch of elegance to your productions.


Biteable is a video marketing software tool that is strongly favored by corporate giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Shopify, Biteable comes equipped with more than 85,000 video clips, all of which have been professionally filmed and which can be incorporated into your own slick productions. The free version of this software allows you to develop five video projects in a month and then permits them to be published to YouTube and Facebook, so if you’d like a trial run of the software, this would be perfect for you. The paid version, at $23/month, allows the creation of unlimited video projects. 

As easy as this video marketing tool is to use, it is still one of the most feature-rich and powerful video software programs on the market. With more than 200 million stock images and videos available for your use, you’ll have access to a virtually unlimited library of usable material. You can combine your own videos with stock photos and videos, then upload to your preferred social media platform, to reach all the potential customers in your target audience.