Make the most of the time and money spent in creating your app—by running an app marketing campaign to raise awareness. The right type of campaign will help you get more downloads and many happy app users.

Try these tips for the best app campaign results:

  1. Research your potential app users: Create an app to help your target demographic accomplish key tasks, and make life convenient for the user. Check out competing apps and learn from their reviews. This helps you gain insight into what works–and what doesn’t.
  2. Build a great app: Your app needs to be worth downloading in order to run a successful campaign. Apps should be user-friendly and simple to understand, working without errors or delays.
  3. Beta test: Your best customers and Internet-savvy friends should get the app in advance, to make sure it works well before release.
  4. Create a website for the app: This gives the app legitimacy and provides a hub for your app promotion efforts.
  5. Promote on your blog: Blog about the upcoming release of your app and explain how it will help users. This builds excitement and interest, motivating customers to download.
  6. Announce via email: Reach out to your email list pre-release, upon release of the app, and whenever you make app improvements.
  7. Run social media campaigns: Announce your app-related blog posts on social media and call out some of the great things you can do on the app. Consider offering a discount on your product/service in exchange for downloading, trying, and reviewing your app.
  8. Team up with relevant, influential online personalities: This gives you access to the influencer’s audience, and their credibility helps to spread the word about your app.
  9. Use keywords in the app store listing: Use relevant keywords that will help the right searchers, who could benefit from your app, to find it.
  10. Monitor reviews and update the app: Pay attention to what people like and don’t like about the app. Prioritize the issues and correct them, so that your app becomes more and more popular. 

With these marketing tips, you can get your killer app into the hands of everyone who needs it and build your brand. For expert app marketing strategies tailored to your business needs, contact Krupnik Digital Media today.