10 Tips for Optimizing PPC Efforts

Advertising campaigns online can look very different than television or radio ads because of the flexibility of the medium. Many of these ads are part of a paid-per-click, or PPC, campaign and knowing some tips can help your efforts in this area succeed.

Choose your advertising platform wisely. The more relevant the content, the more traffic you will see from those ads. You can choose search engines, related blogs and social media or do a combination of all three depending on the shape of your marketing campaign and audience.

Have more than one ad running at a time, so you can see which one is doing the best and refine your creative strategy. These ads should feature things like price points and product pictures.

Targeting your ads should feature as many criteria as you possibly use such as device, keywords and geo-targeting to reach more people.

Make sure that your landing pages are relevant to the product and engaging to the customer so that you can convert clicks to sales.

Channel cross-optimization for your paid-per-click campaign can take what works for your website and incorporate that into your social media pages and ads, and vice versa.

You can go local with your ads through many search engines, meaning that if you add locations to your keywords or branding, then more customers will see your ads at the top of their local business search. For instance, many people will search “restaurants near me” and have locations turned on. If your ad has the name of the city listed, then it should pop up during that search.

Utilize as many filters as you have available to you. This can keep underperforming keywords or ads from being shown and put the most effective ones in the spotlight.

Search the query report for negative keywords because if your ads are showing up for unrelated content, then they are less likely to get clicks and conversions.

Install conversion tracking code because this can help you identify the most profitable keywords and even activate many perks offered to companies by the various search engines and ad spaces.

Add ad extensions to your most profitable advertisements such as extended space, more information and click-to-call features. This can help get more conversions from each click on your hardest working advertisements.

Paid-per-click advertisements is one of the oldest ways to make the internet work for your company. By designing the best ads, and putting them in the right places, you can improve your profits and cater your content to your audience.